About Rongfa

Rongfa Intelligent Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. has long focused on the research and development of high-end equipment manufacturing and new energy related products. Relying on a professional team of experts in the new materials industry in China, the company mainly produces conductive components such as copper foil soft connections, copper aluminum composite soft connections, and power equipment soft connections. The products are applied in new energy vehicles, energy storage batteries, power plants, electric locomotives, high-speed rail transit, and other fields.

The company continuously pursues the practicality, high reliability, and high technological level of its products, always striving to provide a complete set of electrical connection solutions for users in the new energy industry in the field of conductive belts and soft connection products.

Creating a world of green energy, building a clean and beautiful future, Rongfa Intelligent is willing to cooperate with customers and society for mutual benefit and sustainable development.

Production process

Rigorous process flow
01.Standard material selection
02.Longitudinal cutting machine
03.Surface Treatment
04.Polymer welding
05.Punching and stamping
06.Cleaning and trimming
08.Conductive surface tin plating
09. Over plastic packaging

Polymer diffusion welding is a product used for welding busbar expansion joints and soft connection conductive belts. It achieves the purpose of adhesive welding by allowing molecules to penetrate each other between copper strips through high temperature and high pressure. Welding can be achieved without the need for solder, and the quality after welding is qualified, with a smooth and exquisite appearance. The polymer diffusion welding machine adopts high-frequency transformers with low voltage, which can effectively reduce insulation and ignition problems caused by high voltage and enhance the reliability of the equipment.